An Old Ad of DETTOL

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This is a Vintage Magazine Ad of world's most trusted antiseptic. This Vintage Magazine Advertisement suggests

Why is it safest to trust 'Dettol' for cuts and scratches?
Dettol kills germs instantly. It works hard to get the dirt out of broken skin. So for cuts and scratches trust Dettol for its quick healing action. In fact, you should use Dettol for cleaning all types and wounds as a safety-first measure.
Dettol is safe, even for babies-the safest antiseptic to keep in the house.
Dettol has so many daily uses in the family-for shaing, gargling, washing hair and for bathing.
Take a bottle of Dettol home today.
Every home needs Dettol safety
DETTOL  : The world's most trusted antiseptic
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