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This Vintage Advertisement comes out with Chundan Vallam which is great Tradition in Kerala during Onam. No doubt Modern has become part of the mainstream of Kerala's life. This Newspaper Ad says

The Snake Boat (Chundan Vallam) Race is a great Tradition in Kerala, as interwoven into the life of the people as the fest festival of Onam and the classical Kathakali, which have come down in their purest forms through the years.
Our Cochin Plant is now 8 years old. And since its inception Modern Bread has been the favourite of the people of the favourite of the people of the region. No doubt Modern has become part of the mainstream of Kerala's life. We have now added a bun line also.
Modern Bakeries provides inexpensive nourishment to people and maintains a quality which can be relied upon. The Company has a team of brilliant nutritionists technicians and administrative personnel to give the best to the nation. Cochin Unit like other  units of Modern Bakeries also participate in School feeding and other Social Welfare programmes.
The 'Modern Chundan Vallam' is first in nutrition and is supported by the enthusiasm of the people wherever it goes. Besides Bread and Bun, Modern Bakeries make Peanut Butter, Roasted Salted Peanuts, Kulcha and Nan too from its Research & Development unit at Delhi. More ideas are in the offing. Ideas to make available to everyone the nutrition that everyone needs.
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