BHEL 001 Vintage Ads

BHEL Vintage Ad

“This is a vintage ad of BHEL featuring late Prime Minister Ms.Indira Gandhi. The old magazine ad says”
"A nation's strength ultimately consists in what it can do on its own and not in what it can borrow from others"
-Smt. Indira Gandhi

On this great occasion let these words inspire us to greater industrial progress and advancement. To us at BHEL-Tiruchi, self-reliance has been a matter of dedicated perseverance.

 From the very beginning. When we learn t boiler technology a new and year after year applied our skills and knowledge to develop local sources of raw materials, newer techniques of production and research to break new grounds so that we could match the largest capacities in boilers made anywhere in the world. Today the country need not import boilers. 

Thanks to BHEL. SHEL-manufactured boilers will shortly be in successful operation in several parts of the country and outside also. Of a total value of Rs.300 crores. Saving Rs.200 crores of foreign exchange for the country. And creating the vital power today for a prosperous tomorrow, in association with our sister unit at Hyderabad and Hardware. BHELis also engaged in executing export orders in Malaysia secured against global competition.
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