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This is a vintage ad of prescription for process industry. BHPV has placed so much emphasis on creativity in product development. This old ad says


Prescription for Process industry: A liberal dose of BHPV expertise

Technology is in a constant flux. Customer attitudes change. New products and processes come into vogue. And if your production facilities are not able to cope with these changes, you could be caught up in the quicksand of inefficient operation, grinding diseconomies and substandard quality. That's why BHPV has placed so much emphasis on creativity in product development and built into its operations a high degree of flexibility, with a wide base of technological expertise to introduce an increasing range of new and better products and technologies. So its customers can take advantage of the latest advances in process technology.

Today, BHPV has the talents, expertise and facilities to meet the most exacting needs of every process industry. Through a vast range of equipment of any size, capacity or complexity : columns, pressure vessels, furnaces, technological structures, dished ends, valve trays, chlorine containers, finned tubes, storage spheres, prefabricated piping systems, oxygen and nitrogen plants of capacity up to 1000 tons per day, nitrogen wash plants and a range of cryogenic storage tanks. What's more, BHPV can undertake complete projects on a turn-key basis -from conception to final commissioning.

BHPV's production facilities are the most advanced and the largest in the country. It has a complement of the most up-to-date machine tools, including a 1600 -tons press. The best available welding equipment, excellent stress relieving and heat treatment furnaces. Sophisticated testing machines, a foolproof system of quality control, a well -staffed design organization and a full-fledged research and development division. A computer Centre for optimum design formulations, production planning and control and above all, a team of hand- picked personnel. All this has made BHPV the most sought- after process equipment manufacturer in India and one of the handful few in the entire world.

BHPV- at the core of core industries

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