Death of Devil

It was a devastating tragic day today to see our pet dog Devil (Named after Phantoms, Devil) dead and stiff.. He was not eating well for the past 2 days but was drinking milk. I thought of taking him to the Vet and even talked to him yesterday. He asked me to take it today which I regret so much.. Had I done that yesterday I might have saved him.. He was active and then I thought it was a normal sickness..

He was a intelligent and compassionate pup, hardly 3 months of age but very brave and playful. Our kids used to play with him and as they play with a brother. Once he ran away and fell in a ditch, then I had rescued him, the day I felt like God.. but today I am filled with guilt and sorrow.

I never thought It could be so emotional to lose someone.. However its the way life is, have to carry on. One thing I am happy about is he lived his life full in the short span and died peacefully. It was like he sleeping as usual and I had buried him in the shadows.. Still feel like something is ripped off from my inside..
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About Guna

I mostly write technical aspects and not much into creative writing. For the past decade I worked along with top notch SEO Internet Marketing professionals which naturally lured me into the world of Search Engines. When I am not writing I read from comics to philosophy. Antiques, Fishing, hunting are my passions.


  1. Am Extremely sorry for your loss, Guna.

    As a pet lover myself, i know what it takes to lose the beloved one in front of your eyes.

    May God give you the strength to overcome this loss.

    P.S: When i saw your post after a period of more than 6 months, i felt very happy. After reading this, i felt very sorry.

  2. Thanks Viswa I am getting over it now.. Will certainly post more by the end of this month..

    Thanks again bro...