Brakes India Vintage Advertisement

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This old advertisement says about Brakes India braking equipment at work. In the majority of vehicles manufactured in India. This magazine ad delivers

stopping vehicles safe and sure- under all road conditions. That's Brakes India braking equipment at work. In the majority of vehicles manufactured in India. 

Driving on our roads requires courage and skill. Even the best drivers need a little help. Help to stop- safely.
When you press that brake pedal, we make sure you stop. Every time. That's because, when we fit our brakes as original equipment in your vehicles, we make sure they're 100% efficient, 100% safe. 100% safe because every single component in our brakes is tested-like your life depended on it. And we take no chances with your life. 

Our guarantee of quality is also backed by the expertise of our collaborators, Girling of U.K.-the famous international brake specialists.

keep your brakes safe-look after them.

After a time, even the best brakes require attention. Regular servicing, proper replacements. The cheap rubber seals, hoses and other replacements that you may be tempted to buy or fit, were not made to suit your brakes. The people who manufactured your vehicle would never fit them. So why should you? Especially when genuine B.I. Girling brake spares are readily available.

Remember, your safety depends on them.

To keep your brakes safe, buy only genuine B.I. Girling Brake Spares from authorised distributors and reliable dealers.

We stop at nothing to make you stop.

B.I Girling Brakes, Hydraulic Brakes & Clutch Actuation Systems are made by Brakes India Limited.
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