WYMAN-GORDON Vintage Magazine Advertisement

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This vintage magazine advertisement brings attention to WYMAN-GORDON - Producer of Die-Forgings. It points up that...


WYMAN-GORDON is America's largest and most diversified producer of die-forgings. In India WYMAN-GORDON forgings are used in an increasing range of industrial and agricultural applications. 

Fast-moving tractors on the farms. Roaring locomotives reaching distant corners of the land. Strategic equipment for defending the nation's frontiers. Forged components find themselves at crucial places. And Wyman-Gordon, the country's leading forging manufacturer, supplies forged components that have set a standard hard to surpass in accuracy and strength.


Strength, toughness, dimensional accuracy and stability, machinability and economy determine the excellence of forging. The Wyman-Gordon plant is equipped to provide these features in every forged part. Hammers ranging from 250 kgs. to 4,00 kgs., a counterblow hammer of 16,000 kilogram meter capacity, a Double Spindle Hydrotel Die Sinking Machine are some of the many forging facilities at Wyman-Gordon. Equally vital are the chemical and metallurgical facilities that determine the soundness of the forging.
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