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As an avid comics collector from my age of 7 I have a great collection of vintage comic books from Muthu Comics, Indrajal comics, Lion Comics and others. I love muthu comics more than anything, even now. I love to read them again and again whenever I feel dull or depressed. In those ages when we did not have Television channels (Ofcourse there was DD and Srilankan rupavahini but they mostly aired dull programmes in Hindi or sinhala) muthu comics was our window to the western world. The fantastic art and good translation made it the most wanted tamil comics.

I have lot of pride in having the collection of my comic books and would like to share the nostalgia with you guys.. I am just putting in the scans of the covers not the entire comics. Sorry about that.. I have missed some of the issues, if someone is there to sell it please contact me..

Lets start with ranuva ragasiyam . This was published in the 70's and look at the rate .. unbelievable 1 rupee

Pazhi Vangum Pani

Pey Theevu ragasiyam

Ratha Iravugal - Muthu Comics Vintage

Ratha Pathai

Pachai Vanam Marmam

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  1. Hello,

    I live in Belgium and I am impassioned comics. I seek information on the adventures of Bob Morane (sagasa veerar Roger) appeared in India. Ratha Pathai ?? can you help me?

    thank you for your answer to jmmill@skynet.be

    in a friendly way