Newspaper Ad of Horlicks

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Newspaper Ad of Horlicks

The Vintage Magazine Ad reads she needed more nourishment. HORLICKS has made a wonderful change in her. This Vintage Magazine Advertisement discloses
She's doing well, both in studies and in games!'
Some time ago she lost all interest in school and in her friends. A visit to the family doctor proved there was nothing wrong with her... just that she needed more nourishment. He insisted she take HORLICKS every day. HORLICKS has made a wonderful change in her. She is now cheerful again and her school reports are full of praise.
Horlicks helps!
HORLICKS helps provide the nourishment for the extra energy growing children need to work and play better. Doctors recommend HORLICKS for children because it makes them sturdy and strong. Your child will love a cup of healthy, creamy HORLICKS every day. You'll love it, too! Full-cream milk with the nutritive extracts of wheat flour and malted barley. Horlicks GIVES YOU EXTRA ENERGY!
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